Bowie Keefer, PhD, PEng

Senior Engineer, Technical Advisor

Bowie Keefer is a multidisciplinary scientist and entrepreneurial innovator whose wide-ranging research projects deal with the development of technologies for clean energy conversion, alternative fuels, bio-energy, gas separation, and water desalination. He has worked in the fields of ocean engineering, fluid machinery development, tidal power studies, reverse osmosis desalination, solar photovoltaic systems, advanced thermal power cycles, gas separation, fuel processing, and fuel cell power systems. His present research activities are directed toward clean energy technologies and climate change mitigation, for example strategies to improve the efficiency of high temperature fuel cell power plants and biomass gasification processes by recirculating enriched hydrogen for enhanced performance. Bowie has received two R & D 100 Awards which are issued by Research and Development Magazine recognizing top technology projects each year: the first for his manual desalinator and the second for his industrial hydrogen purification system.