Our Team

The KES team is comprised of confident, dynamic, results driven professionals who excel in their chosen specializations and are adaptable, innovative team players. Our team prides itself on a high standard of professionalism and competency, integrity, scientific rigor and the timely delivery of high quality results. KES is dedicated to all sizes of projects and is experienced in a range of Canada’s ecosystems, including old-growth and boreal forests, wetlands and grasslands, as well as mines, wildfire areas, hydroelectric reservoirs, transmission lines and power generation facilities. Our team excels on complex projects that span a variety of disciplines, including environmental and social assessments, facilitating Indigenous/industry joint ventures, native plant restoration and reclamation, agriculture, endangered species research, management and recovery projects. Furthermore, the KES team has the experience and expertise required to efficiently manage complex and diverse stakeholder groups ensuring smooth project progression.

Our Core Team

Michael Keefer, MSc, PAg

President, Lead Visionary

Tom Braumandl, BScF, RPF

Senior Ecologist

Steve Ross, PhD, RPBio

Wildlife Ecologist

Baylie Sjodin, MEP, EPt

Sustainability Coordinator

Richard Hilton, CRSP, NCSO

Senior Industrial Hygienist

Mike Kurucz, BBA

Financial Controller

Andrew Simon, MSc

Biodiversity Specialist

Mikayla Davis, BSc, BIT


Muhammad Arslan, PhD, P.Biol

Wetland Scientist

Danny Smart, BSc, TAg

Environmental Scientist

Isobel Phoebus, BSc, MSc, RPBio

Wildlife Ecologist

Sarah Hirschfeld, MSc, PAg

Vegetation Scientist

Teagan O’Shaughnessy, BBA

Environmental Business Consultant

Fanny Keefer, BSc

Business Development Consultant

Neil Gauthreau, BA

Government Relations & Permit Coordinator

Jesse Nicholas, BA

Communications Specialist

Our External Contractors

Michael D’Antoni, MBA

Vice President, Greenpath Energy Ltd.

Roy Hartstein, BE, MBA

Founder and Managing Director, Responsible Energy Solutions

Patrick Littlejohn, PhD, PEng

Senior Chemical Engineer, Mining

Lorne Silvertson

Senior Resource Economist

Bowie Keefer, PhD, PEng

Senior Engineer, Technical Advisor

Mike Robinson, MSC, RPBio

Senior Aquatic Ecologist

Brett Watson, BSc, RPCA

Principal Archaeologist

Shannon Shaw, MSc, PGeo

Principal Geochemist

Randy Moody, MSc, RPBio

Senior Ecologist, Whitebark Pine Specialist

Rachael Roussin, MLWS, BA

Program Coordinator for KBFA

Jakob Dulisse, BSc, RPBio

Wildlife Biologist

Lincoln Best, MSc

Bee Extraordinaire

David Molinski, MNRM

CEO, CO2 Lock Corporation