About KES

Keefer Ecological Services Ltd. (KES) is known for innovation in ecological restoration, environmental assessment, reclamation, regulatory work, collaboration with Indigenous Nations and communities, ethnoecology, plant ecology, sustainable agriculture, food security and applied research throughout British Columbia. The KES team prides itself in its ability to find creative scientific-based solutions to today’s complex issues in natural resource management. Clients from diverse industrial and community-based backgrounds seek our expertise including mining, hydroelectric, oil and gas, Indigenous, provincial and federal governments and municipalities.

Where we Work

To best meet the dynamic needs of our clients, the KES team works primarily out of our own homes. This virtual office model allows our staff from all over BC to work together towards our collective goals.

This work-from-home transition has been a positive change for our team – we are privileged to have successfully adapted during these challenging and unprecedented times. We are reducing our carbon footprint by commuting less and maximizing our free time at home doing what we love, providing benefits for the environment and our work-life balance. 

We currently have team members in Rossland, Kimberley, Golden, Revelstoke, Kelowna, and Galiano Island, but our main office is located in Cranbrook, BC. The East Kootenay region is the perfect location for our headquarters as it is centrally located and a main hub for conducting work across the regions.


KES has a simple philosophy to safety; ensure everyone goes home at the end of the day in the same condition in which we receive them. With safety as one of our core values, it is integrated in everything that we do. This integration allows everyone to play an equal part in the development and continuous improvement of our Health and Safety processes and procedures. KES fosters a culture in which health, safety and the environment are taken into consideration in all decision making activities.

Everyone working with, or for KES, is responsible for adherence to all policies, standards and rules while performing their tasks. This approach makes everyone accountable for taking measures to ensure their own safety, the safety of others and the protection of the environment.

KES is committed to conducting its operations in a manner that protects the safety of our coworkers, the public and ourselves; with the knowledge, expertise and resources to ensure the protection of the environment. Since 2005, KES has experienced zero lost-time incidents.


KES is committed to creating and maintaining collaborative relationships with Canada‚Äôs Indigenous communities. 

We create and execute science-based solutions that are inclusive of human values.

Finding environmentally sustainable solutions to our business practices is an ongoing commitment of the KES team. This includes working from home and no longer commuting into an office, adding EV & plug in hybrid vehicles to our fleet, and limiting our business-related travel when possible. 

Our Sister Companies

Keefer Haz Mat Services (KHM) specializes in the safe handling/removal of hazardous materials. KHM also performs environmental site assessments for the identification and safe removal of other environmental contaminants in soil and groundwater.

Aspen Grove is not just housing. Aspen Grove is the creation of a unique way of living. A state of the art, eco-conscious development located in the quaint mountain town of Rossland, British Columbia. Please visit the website for more information about this exciting project.