EO100(TM) Standard Certification

  • Partners: GreenPath Energy Ltd, CO2 Lock Corporation, Responsible Energy Solutions
  • Location: BC & Alberta
  • Date: 2019 to present

The energy industry is in the midst of a profound transformation as global economies move to decarbonize and achieve growth in more sustainable ways. Oil and gas companies face increasing pressure from customers, local communities, investors, and other stakeholders to demonstrate superior social, sustainability, and environmental management performance. Certification assessment by an independent third party under a recognized standard, the Equitable Origin EO100(TM) Standard for Responsible Energy Development, provides a means for demonstrating superior performance on social, environmental, labour and governance measures.

KES is the first EO100(TM) Certified Assessment Team in Canada. In 2019, we conducted the first North American EO100(TM) Initial Certification for Arc Resources Ltd. (formerly Seven Generations Energy Ltd.). Since 2019, we have completed four additional Certifications for Pacific Canbriam Energy, Vermilion Energy Inc., Pipestone Energy Corp, and ARC Resources Ltd. Our team of experts has over 40 years of combined experience working on sustainability issues in the oil and gas industry. We can provide high-quality results supported by subject matter experts in health and safety compliance, emissions auditing, Indigenous engagement, and environmental best practice.

Certification Assessments follow the Principles of the EO100(TM) Standard for Responsible Energy Development. KES conducts a thorough document review, interviews stakeholders, and field visits to assess the Operator on the five following Principles:

  1. Corporate Governance, Transparency and Ethics;
  2. Human Rights, Social Impact & Community;
  3. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights;
  4. Fair Labor & Working Conditions; and
  5. Climate Change, Biodiversity & Environment.

If you are interested in becoming EO100(TM) Certified, please reach out to us.