Twin Sisters Native Plant Nursery Development

  • Partners: Walter Energy - Western Coal, Saulteau First Nation, West Moberley First Nation
  • Location: Moberley Lake, BC
  • Date: 2011 to 2014

Drawing upon experience gained from the successful management of Tipi Mountain Native Plants Ltd., KES assisted industry and First Nations partners in the Peace Region in business development and construction of Twin Sisters Native Plant Nursery. The facility, located in Moberley Lake, BC, is the first greenhouse and nursery in northern BC to focus on the propagation of native plant species for use in reclamation.

In the summer of 2012, KES oversaw the construction of the greenhouse facilities and collected seed for indigenous plant species local to the region. In 2013, community members from Saulteau and West Moberley First Nations were trained under the Growing Our Futures: Native Plant Horticulture Program in the new facilities. By directly addressing the shortage of indigenous plant stock for reclamation in Northern BC, KES hopes to encourage the social investment of restoring post-industrial lands to natural, healthy and productive ecosystems.