Neil Gauthreau, BA

Government Relations & Permit Coordinator

Neil is a proud member of the Gitxaała Nation. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Socio-Cultural
Anthropology from the University of Northern British Columbia. He attended multiple
Circumpolar Ethnographic Field Schools where he learned to apply his education in remote,
cross-cultural international settings as he earned his degree.

With over 12 years of dedicated experience working directly for First Nations communities
across Canada, Neil has specialized in lands management. His extensive background includes
a strong focus on community engagement, oversight of interdisciplinary teams and
communications. Throughout his career he has gained a wealth of knowledge in environmental
assessments for major mines, negotiations with industry and all levels of government for large-
scale infrastructure projects. Neil has played a pivotal role in emergency response efforts,
effectively coordinating and managing critical situations with care.

A key aspect of Neil's expertise lies in his understanding of First Nations Rights and Title, Use
and Occupancy research, and Strength of Claim for indigenous communities. He has used his
experience to foster positive relationships and sustainable economic opportunities. His
commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in his work with British Columbia and
Canada on caribou habitat restoration projects, where he has negotiated and implemented
strategies to preserve and rehabilitate crucial ecosystems.

Neil excels in managing interdisciplinary teams, leveraging his strong leadership skills to guide
diverse groups of professionals towards achieving project goals. His collaborative approach and
deep understanding of environmental and cultural considerations have been instrumental in
delivering successful outcomes across various complex projects. Neil's unique combination of
technical knowledge, cultural sensitivity, and strategic vision makes him a positive asset in the
fields of environmental management and Indigenous relations.