Muhammad Arslan, PhD, P.Biol

Wetland Scientist

Muhammad is a Professional Biologist and Wetland Scientist with expertise in both restoring natural wetlands and developing man-made wetland ecosystems. He envisions harnessing these integral ecosystem components for genuine ecological rejuvenation. Always approaching his research through the critical lens of Environmental Impact Assessments, Muhammad consistently ensures a proactive and sensitive stance to ecological complexities. A fervent advocate for nature-based solutions and rights-based conservation, he firmly believes in a seamless amalgamation of traditional practices with modern restoration techniques, promising a holistic approach to ecological restoration. His dedication to the restoration of degraded ecosystems, improving water supply conditions, and enhancing biodiversity aligns perfectly with the goals set for the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021–2030) by UNEP.

Muhammad holds a Ph.D. in natural sciences from RWTH Aachen University, Germany, and has postdoctoral experience in environmental engineering from the University of Alberta, Canada. He’s a member of the Canadian Land Reclamation Association and the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists.

Beyond his professional commitments, Muhammad cherishes playing the piano alongside his son and relishes quality family moments in their neighborhood.