Josée Trudeau, TFT


Josée is an Environmental and Forestry Technologist with a background in Fish, Wildlife and
Recreation. During her decades-long career in forestry, invasive species management, and fish
hatchery, she has become highly skilled in data collection and analysis, logistics, plant and soil
ID and ecosystem classification (BEC). She is currently working towards her RFT and RB Tech

Josée’s career has taken her all over BC, sampling the wet coastal forests to the dry zones of the
Okanagan and Boundary to the varied eco-types of the Kootenays. She has been involved in
every aspect of forestry and ecosystem restoration from the initial stages to the outcomes,
giving her a varied and eclectic resume. With an ever-curious mind, she excels in learning new
skills and tackling problems. Josee is also a trained chef and commercial helicopter pilot.

In her spare time, Josée enjoys the year-round recreational opportunities in and around the
Kootenays and BC. From snowboarding and skiing to fishing and camping with her partner,
mountain biking or running with her dogs, and any other sport or activity that might allow her to
discover even more beautiful places. When the weather is uncooperative, Josee
enjoys crocheting toques for her small business.