Baylie Sjodin, MEP, EPt

Sustainability Coordinator

Baylie has completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Practice where she focused on ecosystem management and sustainable development. Through this, she has gained a deeper understanding of ecological functions and ways to sustainability manage human interactions. During her time working for FLNRORD she gained considerable hands-on experience in the field and on remote projects. Her involvement during the 2019 Big Bar Landslide fostered a greater interest in salmon health, prompting her to work with a hatchery aimed at increasing Chinook population numbers in Northern BC. She is confident in BC tree and fish ID, conducting research and writing reports, and has a strong understanding of Indigenous relations. Baylie is highly skilled in project coordination and is a strategic planner skilled in multitasking and prioritizing work tasks to better meet client needs.

In her spare time, Baylie can be found enjoying the outdoors hiking, camping, canoeing, backcountry skiing, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, or creating new woodworking projects.