Baylie Sjodin, MEP, EPt

Sustainability Coordinator

Baylie holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Practice, focusing on ecosystem management and sustainable development. This background has deepened her understanding of how ecosystems function and how to ensure human activities are sustainable within them. Her passion lies particularly in forest ecology and the role of wildfires in ecological restoration. Additionally, she is passionate about enhancing freshwater ecosystems. Baylie has leveraged her expertise to initiate and contribute to various restoration projects across diverse ecosystems in BC. With proficiency in tree identification, research, and comprehensive report writing, as well as skills in GIS mapping and a solid understanding of Indigenous relations, she excels in project coordination and strategic planning. Her ability to problem-solve and prioritize tasks ensures effective client satisfaction.

During her free time, Baylie enjoys various outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, skiing, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, and finding materials for her woodworking projects.