Andrew Simon, MSc

Biodiversity Specialist

Andrew is an ecologist with over a decade of experience working at the intersection of conservation biology, ecological research, and biodiversity data science.

He has worked closely with environmental NGOs, First Nations, government, and academia on numerous multidisciplinary projects, including environmental monitoring, ecological inventory, ecosystem-based land management, and rare plant surveys.

Andrew’s academic and professional experience has spanned a diverse range of environments throughout British Columbia, granting him intimate insight into numerous complex ecological systems—from the mountain caribou of the Wet Belt to the plant-pollinator communities of BC’s south coast.

When he’s not at work, Andrew enjoys pushing the boundaries of his biodiversity knowledge throughout BC, whether hiking in the alpine or diving in the islands. Otherwise, he is well known for his long-standing dedication to community science, as the innovator and curator of the Biodiversity Galiano project, and the president of the Institute for Multidisciplinary Ecological Research in the Salish Sea.