Certificate in Eco-Cultural Restoration

  • Partners: Seabird First Nation, Royal Roads University
  • Location: Seabird Island
  • Date: 2022 and ongoing

During the summer of 2022, KES aided in developing and implementing Royal Roads University’s Certificate in Eco-Cultural Restoration, hosted by Seabird First Nations. Reclamation for ongoing resource development and restoration from historically degraded land is becoming more critical as our land changes. This growing demand provides an incredible opportunity for job diversity and job creation for the environmentally inclined living in resource-based communities. Seabird First Nations’ Certificate in Eco-Cultural Restoration was comprised of five three-week university credit courses designed to give Indigenous students the skills to reclaim degraded lands on their Traditional Territory sustainably. KES was directly involved in delivering the following three courses:

  • Vegetation Identification & Terrestrial Ecosystem Mapping (TEM)
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Foundations of Eco-Cultural Restoration

The Certificate in Eco-Cultural Restoration is a portable training program designed to be delivered in partnership with Indigenous government or community organizations. Courses are offered in-community to reduce barriers and increase community support for students. They are open to adult learners regardless of their educational or professional background. Course content and length can be tailored to meet the needs of individual communities, and a focus on hands-on, practical learning supports tangible skills development. The Certificate in Eco-Cultural Restoration was developed by Royal Roads University’s Professional and Continuing Studies Department. It is designed to support graduates in achieving their employment goals or transitioning into further educational opportunities.

Future deliveries are possible throughout Canada and internationally. Please contact Keefer Ecological Services or Royal Roads University for more information or to discuss future delivery in your community.